Month: February 2021

Day Trips by Train from London


England has so many tourist attractions that it will be hard to choose where to spend most of your time. There are so many historical sites, magnificent structures, and fun spots to visit. Thankfully, places like London have a superb railway network that can lead you to various regions easily. You have many options to choose from for that day trip on your mind!

Are you a tourist looking to make the most out of your vacation while staying in London? Then this guide may just be what you need to know some of the best day trips that you can embark on from London by rail. Below is a carefully curated list of locations that you will surely not regret visiting. Read on.


Brighton is a great beach town that tourists should consider visiting. In fact, it is famous because of its aesthetically pleasing beaches, awe-inspiring architecture, and pleasant restaurants. It will take you roughly 50 minutes to get there from London by rail. You will also find boutique galleries, eccentric record shops, and the pleasurable Palace Pier in this city.


Bath is a place that has so many historical delights to offer its tourists. Is it the medieval shop-lines bridges, or the Roman bathhouses you wouldn’t get enough of? Your eyes will also feast on the best Georgian crescents in England, the last Gothic church of the country, the world-famous Pulteney Street, Holborne museum, Sydney Gardens, etc. It will take about 90 minutes to get there from London by train. 


You can go on a cheap day trip to Cambridge for some sightseeing fun. It will take about 50 minutes to get there from London by rail. Cambridge is a small city, but you will discover so many buildings truly worthy of admiration.

Visitors can get a kick out of visiting any of the university colleges to take a look at their architectural attractions. Notable among them are Trinity, St. John’s, Kings, Queens, etc. You can add the museums, Jesus Green, Botanic Gardens, Cambridge Canals, and others to your list of exciting places to visit and relax.


You should have heard of the world-famous prehistoric Stonehenge. Even if you haven’t, maybe paying Wiltshire a visit would be a good idea. It will take visitors just less than 2 hours to get there from London by train.

Stonehenge isn’t the only attraction worthy to check out. Tourists can also spend time at the nature reserves. It is advisable to start your trip very early in the morning, so that you can get to these places on time. Sightseeing at these reserves is best enjoyed during morning light. Other sites to visit include the remains of Durrington Walls, Salisbury Cathedral, Milford Hill, Fisherton Street, Woodhenge, etc.

As you can see, there are enough destinations for you to try out. You can make a choice based on who you are going with—be it your lover, family, or friends. If you are going solo, then it will be easier to make a quick decision. Enjoy your trip!…